People are at the heart of our business and we adhere to our values of safety, respect, dignity and the fair treatment of our employees.

The safety of our employees is our number one priority. In 2019, Siguiri recorded zero fatalities, extending the four-year fatality-free period.

Health protection, promotion and the optimisation of health and wellbeing among our employees and communities remain Siguiri mine’s key priorities. We continued with constant monitoring and control of workplace exposures to dust, noise and lead, which are important occupational health risks.

Non-occupational lifestyle and community health risks such as malaria is endemic in our African operations. Siguiri continued to roll out malaria control programmes that extend beyond employees to surrounding communities. These programmes use various methods spanning from community based indoor residual spraying to distribution of insecticide treated bed-nets to community members.


Jasper Musadaidzwa
Jasper Musadaidzwa

SVP/Guinea Task Force Lead

Mamady Kouyate
Mamady Kouyate

Acting Managing Director – Siguiri Mine

Abdourahmane Diaby
Abdourahmane Diaby

Country Manager

Responsible employer of 3,000 people

We are viewed as one of the most responsible employers in the country, demonstrated by the enthusiasm and the willingness of job seekers, including senior and highly qualified workers seeking to join the company.

  • Awards

    • ‘Best Workers Award’
    • SHE ‘Good Attitude’ certificate

  • A welcoming and diverse environment

  • Good working conditions

  • Training, development and education opportunities

  • Competitive retention strategies

    • Wages and benefits

    • Social events

    • Food supply

    • Long-service recognition

Training and development

We offer training and development programmes to our employees to transfer skills and build competencies so that they can reach their full potential. Training and development plans are set up for all mine departments based on skills gaps within the mine and on building career paths for our employees. In 2019, over 10,000 of our employees underwent some form of training.