Development initiatives are run in partnership with local governments and host communities. These programmes are aimed at contributing towards economic growth, income-generating opportunities, creation of employment, and nurturing sustainable livelihoods beyond the life of mine.

Cashew farming project donations
Cashew farming project donations

Creating sustainable livelihoods: Cashew kernel processing plant

After an extensive consultation with the community of Siguiri town to find ways to address the high levels of unemployment and to consider what is available as a source of income for the population, a decision was made to construct a semi-mechanised 5,000 – 10,000t cashew kernel processing plant. The plant is expected to create approximately 570 permanent jobs and over 2,000 jobs for seasonal farmers. While this project is aimed at creating sustainable economic livelihoods for the Siguiri communities, it will also form part of the mine’s rehabilitation programme by planting productive trees on waste-dumps for restoration purposes. This project is to be implemented by Siguiri over a period of five years from 2020 to 2024.

In November 2019, Siguiri signed an MOU with USAID for the organisation and development of local farmers to a total value of $3m ($1.5m from each partner).

Girls learning to sewing
Girls learning to sewing

Technical school in Kintinian provides access to quality education

In partnership with government, Siguiri has constructed a technical school in Kintinian. The aim is to provide access to education and improve the quality of education, thereby contributing towards the achievement of government’s sectoral education policy requirements that identified school, recreational and educational infrastructure development as priorities.

The technical school will have a positive impact to the whole Siguiri community. This will contribute to the development of youth and their marketability and employment in various trades. More than 650 learners will attend and benefit from the school annually. Construction of the technical school is 100% complete and an operations framework is under development with the government.

Rice farming project

Rice farming reduces poverty and promotes food security

The rice farming project is implemented in 100 hectares of land that has been donated by the local authorities. The project is in the Mankity and Fifa communities of Boure. It is planned to be an income-generating project aimed at contributing towards poverty reduction, employment creation and promotion of food security.

This project is also assisting in optimising the use of the land beyond subsistence farming. The farm is close to the river and planned to be under irrigation so that the production can be in all seasons.

During 2019, harvesting of the rice farming was done in the Mankity and Fifa District in partnership with the municipality and the Farmer Association with over 1,000 bags of 100kg rice harvested.